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LifeSign by LifeSign.io is an innovative and totally free tool that stands out from the crowd by emphasising on what we call "Sign", a compact, user defined piece of information that lets your loved ones know you're okay. LifeSign focuses on using as much information a smartphone can possibly provide to help your loved ones determine that you're okay, without requiring any user interaction. All one needs to do is to connect through LifeSign with their loved ones and voila, one less thing to worry about!

How does it work?

It is all based on the user's phone usage. When a user checks the time, talks on the phone, sends a message, or performs any action on their phone, that's an indication that everything is okay. For LifeSign, whenever you are using your phone a "Sign" is created and sent across to your loved ones letting them know you're okay. What's even better, is that everything is done automatically! You don't have to do anything, just set how often you would like to create and send a "Sign" across and let LifeSign do the rest for you. Not to mention that due to the nature of LifeSign, which gets triggered on user's phone usage alone, the battery consumption remains to an absolute minimum.

What information am I sending across?

That's the good part! The only thing that really matters to your loved one is that you're okay; ultimately, they don't care about facts like your location, they don't really care about what you are doing, who you are with and stuff like that. With LifeSign you can customise all that, you can send a plain "Sign" that informs your loved ones you're okay and be done with it. On the other hand, and for the ones that are more socially inclined, you can make your "Sign" a bit.

How often is a "Sign" being sent?

The default "Sign" is being sent across every minute, as long as the users are actively using their phones. This can be further customised in changing the default to a more frequent value up to 1 minute or change that to a less frequent value down to 1 day. The users can also choose to stop sending "Signs" automatically and send a manual "Sign" at their preferred time. Moreover, and for those of you who live on the edge, LifeSign can add a "tracking" capability if needs be, that will start sending "Signs" across irrespectively of whether you are using your phone or not.

One Step Registration

Register to LifeSign App by just providing your phone number!

Contacts Dashboard

Two column separated contact dashboard for an easy management of your followers and contacts!

Fancy Map

Monitor, in real-time, yours contacts location and navigate to them through a modern and 3D map!

Configurable Settings

Set easily your preferences on Sings Automation, Signs Interval, Shared Data and Missing Person Options.


LifeSign & Data

Sent LifeSign and Share important data with your followers like:

Map Location
Weather Updates
Activity Recognition
Ringer Mode
Signal Strength
Battery Status

App Personalization

Personalize, in a funny way, your followers by selecting for them an image you like or a modern character from a big collection of icons.

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